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Generation Gap

Retail Watch 1: Gap (and the 90's) are back!  

This February Gap is throwing it back to the ’90s with a limited-edition line of iconic denim, khakis, and tees pulled straight from our archives — exactly as you remember them. In celebration of the Archive Reissue collection, we collaborated with director Kevin Calero to create “Generation Gap,” an homage to the classic Gap campaigns of the ’90s. 

I can't even tell you how excited this campaign makes me! Gap is a brand I have such a long history with, and I'm not alone. Gap was THE iconic brand of the 90's. Remember how the commercials were pop culture EVENTS? Gap was hands-down my favorite brand during that era and most of my life growing up. But somewhere along the way, Gap lost it's voice. 

I was lucky enough to work the iconic brand as a designer in 2013-2015. In many ways, it was a dream coming true! It was also a transitional period for Gap, under Rebekka Bay's creative direction. Her vision never really caught on, and with sales declining, Bay was out. It’s sad to see an powerhouse brand lose its confidence. I always thought Gap needed to look back at its DNA, cut out all the extra stuff, and stand with confidence as THE iconic American fashion brand, that stands for love, optimism and of course, all things denim. 


So I couldn't me more thrilled with the idea of this campaign. It's a fresh take on the musical commercials from the 90s. The spot features Naomi Campbell (who was featured in Gap ads in the 90s) with children who's parents were featured in the original ads. Set to Color Me Badd's "All 4 Love," the clip is just what fashion world needs now, especially in these dark times. Optimism. 


And can we just discuss how Naomi Campell hasn't aged a day? The campaign is the work of NY agency Storey and Gap CMO Craig Brommers. Bravo Gap, Storey + Craig Brommers!! I can't wait to see what Gap releases in the coming seasons. I think we're all ready to fall back into the Gap. 

Coco Gordon, daughter of Kim Gordon.

Coco Gordon, daughter of Kim Gordon.

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